Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week of August 31

We are off to a good start!  This week in school:

Reading:  Students are still working on setting up a routine.  This week we will continue to go over the expectations for class work as well as homework.  Students will explore reading a variety of books and find good fit books.

Math:  This week students will be reviewing adding and subtracting 2 and 3-digit numbers and rounding numbers.

Science:  This week we will be studying changes in nature.  We are going to adopt a tree and observe it all year long as part of our science curriculum.  We will collect leaves and seeds in nature and do some investigations.

Homework:  Students will have a fluency page this week as well as a reading log.  The fluency page is due on Friday.  Students read the page for 1min.; then record the number of words they read correctly.  This year they should do it 3 times each night.  There are comprehension questions on the back.  Students must be able to look back in the text to answer these questions.  Please remember to sign your child's reading log and planner sheet.

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