Sunday, September 27, 2015

Week of September 28

Important Dates:

September 30th:  PICTURE DAY!!!
*This is the last week for running club.

This week in class:
Math:  This week we will continue to work on graphing.  Our focus will be on picture graphs and bar graphs.  Students will have a quiz on graphs, Tuesday.

Science:  We will take a look at our class tree this week.  Students will take some of the leaves we collected and compare them with a classification chart.  We will sort the leaves based on simple and compound and continue to record our finding in our science journal.

Walk-to-Read (WTR):  Students in my WTR group will focus on visualizing and using illustrations to gain meaning from text.  The lessons this week are the building blocks for developing  stronger comprehension strategies throughout the year.  (This concept will be covered in most of the WTR classes.)  Students should begin receiving spelling homework from their WTR teachers this week.

Writing:  I will begin working on publishing stories with the class.  Their first stories will focus on writing about moments in their life that they remember.  We call this a seed story or small moment.  Students will start the prewriting and drafts this week.

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